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Version 17.0 Incident Status Dropdown Arrow

Question asked by jlhawley on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Jon_Israel

There is an icon to the left of Status (see attachment) after you have saved it as Open and go to edit it, with no dropdown arrow to select a status. The icon states "go to the next default value of ***". However, when I do select the next status and after I save it and then go to edit it, the Status allows me to select from the list with a dropdown arrow. The behavior is puzzling because if I add multiple "Default" status transitions the icon is still the only thing that still shows up when you edit it in the "Open" status, and it appears to go to the next "in line" according to my status transitions, with no dropdown arrow. When I remove all default incident transitions there is no icon and no arrow. How do I alter this to show the dropdown arrow when I edit an Incident in Open status? 


Tested: Effects only incidents, only editing Incidents in Open status, all roles and all form groups, occurs with 1 or more Inicident transitions in place (if no transitions in place and editing Open status I get no icon and no Status dropdown arrow); can still manually type in a valid transitions. 


When editing Open status Requests, there is always an status dropdown arrow whether there are default transitions or not.