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SQL Agent - normalizer patterns

Question asked by bwcole on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by Hallett_German

We have an issue with an application using unique tables (VWQueue_###) in statements and there are thousands.  These statements appear to be called on the table a few times a day but the statement where clause is the same for each table.  So, wanted to normalize the statements to be

   Select from VWQueue

   Delete from VWQueue

   Insert into VWQueue

And then basically drop all of the Select statements that refer to VWQueue into the Select bucket.


introscope.agent.sqlagent.normalizer.regex.VWQEUEUE_SELECT.pattern=(SELECT)(.*)(FROM F_SW.VWQUEUE1)(.*)
introscope.agent.sqlagent.normalizer.regex.VWQEUEUE_SELECT.replaceFormat=SELECT FROM F_SW.VWQUEUE1


So this is the fourth or fifth...maybe more attempt.  The documentation, while the examples are nice really don't go into what the different parts are and how the formats work.


One thing that I found is if you take the pattern and paste it into the Introscope workstation - Metric Browser - search tab (with use regular expression checked), it does not work.  But if you add a (.*) at the beginning the metric browser will return the statements.


Sort of hoping that the replace format will accept a basic string instead of the $1 $2 ...) $3 style since I only care that the selects go into one bucket, inserts in a different, etc.


I'll update this when I actually get it working for the next lost soul....