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SMPORTAL url gets truncated

Question asked by PankajSh0 on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by Hubert Dennis

Hi All,


I have two applications configured in Siteminder. One with a policy domain say A and other is a third party integration, say B and hence have created partnership for the same.


As per the application flow, there is a redirection from the A to B when the url of A is accessed. When we copy the url of A in the browser the redirection happens without any issue and we get redirected to the login page and post successful authentication/authorization we are redirected to the application.


But when ctrl+click on the link of A, there seems to be some issue, and we notice that the SMPORTAL url which comes during the redirection in B gets truncated (randomly to any value) and hence gives an error. Sometimes its 500 internal server error and sometimes its page cannot display.


This issue is intermittent as in, I am able to replicate it on Mozilla and Chrome but not on IE, whereas few of my team mates are able to replicate it on all browsers.


Can you please check and let me know what might be causing this truncation of SMPORTAL url.



Pankaj Sharma