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Error count in VSE monitor window

Question asked by AjayJK01 on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by norre01

Hi There 


I have been observing an error count been shown in the VSE monitor for one for virtual service. The question I am having is 

1) When there is an error count -> Does this mean the virtual service had an issue processing the incoming request ?

2) Could this error count be due to memory leak? As the virtual service is been used by performance team bi weekly they call up to 100 K transactions

3) Why the service is getting stopped when the error count is reaching 5. Is there a way to increase the threshold.

4) If I click on the error it will take me to inspect view where I can get some logs for the error. Will this be also getting logged somewhere VSE.log etc?


DevTest 9.5.1 is been used on Windows 2012 server.