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Problem disabling federation

Question asked by hapagola on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Ujwol Shrestha

We have a SiteMinder environment running in production.
We have an active federation that we need to disable to edit some parameters.
The problem is that the federation refuses to stay in an inactive state.


Policy Server: Version 12.52; Update: 01.00; Build: 499; CR: 00;


- We access Federation -> Partnership Federation -> Partnerships
- Select the federation, named "365SSO-net" -> Action -> Deactivate
- A message pops up asking "Are you sure you want to deactivate the selected partnership?" click yes.
- The federation is still in Active state.


The following log can be seen in smps.log


[9108/8172][Mon Oct 02 2017 14:02:42][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc.cpp:1502][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc::setDeactivated][ERROR][sm-xobfed-00440] Property section for activated partnership does not exist.
[9108/8172][Mon Oct 02 2017 14:02:42][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc.cpp:1586][WSFEDIPToRPPartSvc::setDeactivated][ERROR][sm-xobfed-01410] setDeactivated failed!.

1. How can we resolve this?
2. We'll upgrade the Policy Server, and we need to know how can we check the consistency of the database for another errors?