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Class undefined error - WAMUI registration

Question asked by Makesh.T Employee on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by Ujwol Shrestha

When registering WAM UI with policy server we get the below errors, but login into WAM UI is successful. This is on SSO 12.7.


Any idea what this error means and the impact of this error ?



(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-00330] Caching Policy Data...

(ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-00270] Class 405239360 is undefined.

(ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-00270] Class 297446407 is undefined.

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-00310] 4931 object(s) loaded from the Policy Store.

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-00430] Policy Store ID is "0005d3cb-53ee-19a8-93ed-b88e0a09207f".

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-06870] XPS Auditing is enabled.

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-03460] No validation warnings will be logged (controlled by CA.XPS::$LogValidationWarnings).

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-00150] XPS Initialized. (1151, 0, 0)

(INFO) : [sm-xpsxps-00150] XPS Initialized.

(INFO) : [sm-xobfed-02577] Successfully loaded smobjadapter.