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How to manually set property "lisa.vse.response"?

Question asked by paul.yeung on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by paul.yeung

Hi All,


I am currently using Devtest Solutions v9.5.1, and due to heavy customizations I would like to know how to properly set the lisa.vse.response property without first going through the out of box VS Image Response Selection or the Live Invocation step. 


As far as past experience goes, I was always able to first go through those two steps to ensure the property is set and exists, and then I was able to do change just the body text in the response using a java script with something like lisa_vse_response.get(0).setBody( testExec.getStateValue("SomeResponseBody") );


I have tried changing the property used in the Responder step, but clearly there is some kind of format that is different from lisa.vse.response and it will not work when I tried. If I don't use the two steps out of box steps listed above, the property is not set and an error is thrown at the Responder where the property doesn't exist.


Is there any way to setup lisa.vse.response properly on my own (assuming I can retrieve a response from elsewhere)f?