Tip: How to Archive and Purge a specific ticket, in Service Desk Manager.

Discussion created by Kyle_R Employee on Oct 9, 2017
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The question came up how to set an Archive and Purge Rule for a specific ticket in CA ITSM.


It was an unusual request, because you don't normally need to remove single tickets, but was needed because this ticket had an inordinately high number of Attached Events to it for some reason.


Still, it illustrates the use of the "Additional Query" function within Archive and Purge. This feature allows a great deal of flexibility in removing records, and this is a simple example.


Note that it is better to Archive and Purge a troublesome record, as it removes all of the related records. Just removing it only from the Call_Req table via database commands is bad practice, as it leaves orphaned data in other tables.


Additional Query Example


For the Call Request with a ticket number of "24" (as seen through the interface), the Additional Query code is:


ref_num = \'24\'



Note that you need to escape the single quotes with a backslash.


After running, the above example left this line in the arcpur.log.0 file:


11/23/2017 10:17:30, One_Call_Req_ONLY, cr, 24, archive and purge, 



Basic Troubleshooting of Archive and Purge


In order to make this work, all of the normal rules of Archive and Purge apply.  It is also best to test rules (a) on a test server and (b) in "Archive Only" mode until confirmed that they work.


If your query does not work, then check items such as:


  • Object Name is right - Call Request rather than Incident, for example.
  • You have run the Rule within a valid Schedule - A weekend only schedule won't let a rule run on Monday.
  • The Days Inactive has passed - can reset server time on a test server to test.
  • No errors in the stdlog or the archive log (same logs folder).
  • The ticket is Inactive as well as Closed.
  • If more details are needed, put on this tracing: 
    pdm_logstat -n arcpur_srvr TRACE

    and turn off when done with:

    pdm_logstat -n arcpur_srvr


Thanks, Kyle_R.