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I'm attempting to import a defect using the add in for Excel.  I cannot import the Owner or SubmittedBy fields

Question asked by bcj on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by michael.addington

I'm attempting to import a Defect using the add-in-for-Excel.  For some reason I cannot import the Owner or Submittedby fields.

I continue to get the error when attempting to import an Owner or SubmittedBy that the user is not found.  I take these tow fields out and I can import ok.


So I thought I'd export a defect from Rally which contained valid user names in these fields.  These names exported fine.

 I deleted the formatted id field so I could re-import the defect data as a new defect.  I once again received the error that for both fields that the user names cannot be found.   This was the exact same user names that I had just exported.


What am I doing wrong that I cannot import these Owner or SubmittedBy fields.