TechTarget Calls out CA Mobile API Gateway

Discussion created by oakbi01 Employee on Oct 7, 2017

TechTarget is an online presence for industry news, expert advice and peer-to-peer learning opportunities around managing microservices and service-oriented architecture (SOA), application modernization and digital transformation, Business Process Management (BPM), application integration and APIs, software containers and microservices design and development, DevOps, and more.  Over four million users regularly access TechTarget.  So it was refreshing to see them call out CA Mobile API Gateway recently:

"...the thing that makes [CA Technologies] stand apart is its emphasis on mobile API management. The feature that highlights this support is the CA Mobile API Gateway. This is an API gateway that provides mobile-friendly API design and is specifically tailored to handle things like security, identity, adaption, optimization and integration. By providing software development kits (SDKs) and granular security policies, the CA Mobile API Gateway can drastically speed up application development and deployment, while also ensuring a safe and secure API environment."

You can find the full article here, and for more information on CA Mobile API Gateway, you can click here.