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notification methods as email

Question asked by m.fahd on Oct 9, 2017
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iam trying to update more than 24000 contacts with notification methods as email; but i can't do that.


my file is looks like the follow


TABLE usp_contact
id c_cm_id1 c_cm_id2 c_cm_id3 c_cm_id4


i ran the following command:


pdm_load -u -f c:\usp_contacts2.txt


but i got the below error


Null field in logical key --cannot be used for update:
id: [00]
c_cm_id1: [1800]
c_cm_id2: [1800]
c_cm_id3: [1800]
c_cm_id4: [1800]


your help is highly appreciated.



Best Regards;


Mohamed El-Fahd