Top 20 APM/AXA/ASM KDs for September 2017

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Oct 9, 2017

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Warning: Statement on Top 20 & Weekly/Monthly New APM/ASM/AXA KDs Currency 
TEC1634878 Error message "Must be owner of extension plpgsql" seen during the Postgres database restore step. https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1634878.html
TEC1904657 Loading CEM Web Services in SoapUI 5.0 gives 'Unexpected element : OPEN_TAG' Exception. https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1904657.html
TEC1920756 Getting "Out of Shared Memory" Errors for Postgres database
TEC1966642 Browsing to http://localhost:8081 gets the message "Page Cannot be Displayed." https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1966642.html
TEC1853125 Unable to start the appserver - java.lang.VerifyError: JVMVRFY012 stack shape inconsistent; https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1853125.html
TEC597519 How to purge or reduce the size of a Postgresql APM database and optimize CEM data retention https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec597519.html
TEC1210346 Seeing a Hashmap error after enabling the SOA Performance Management Agent Extension. https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1210346.html
TEC604907 MQ Message Broker Error: AMQ9999: Channel program ended abnormally Channel program SYSTEM.DEF.SVRCONN terminated abnormally
TEC1688585 How do I prevent “No X509TrustManager implementation available” Errors from occurring during the Installation of an OPMS? https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1688585.html
TEC604029 How to uninstall/reinstall a Windows installation of PostgreSQL software hosting the APM Database. https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec604029.html
TEC604965 Recover a lost or forgot Postgres password
TEC1786055 Why are we getting "Unable to load the Wrapper's native library 'wrapper.dll'" when starting Powerpack for Webservers? https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1786055.html
TEC1588864 Is APM Affected by the Apache Struts 2 CVE-2017-5638 vulnerability?
TEC595658 How to fix "unable to execute query" JDBC exceptions when trying to view some CEM web pages which are due to incorrect postgres APM database table ownership.
TEC1578046 Are APM Enterprise Manager & WebView web servers vulnerable to the "Sweet 32" attack using DES and Triple DES (3DES) ciphers?
TEC1438034 Seeing MOM log error: CannotCreateTransactionException: Could not open JDBC Connection for transaction https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1438034.html
TEC1589429 What are the steps to implement failover and High Availability (HA) MOMs?
TEC604648 How to perform an APM Cluster Performance Health Check.
TEC1088808 Postgres install error message: "Unable to write inside TEMP environment variable path." https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.tec1088808.html
TEC593939 How to implement CA EEM and LDAP for Authentication and Authorization of CA APM