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Unable to access CABI via UMP with public and Private IP configuration

Question asked by Darshan_Desai Employee on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Darshan_Desai


CA UIM 8.5.1

Customer has setup UMP and CABI on private and public IP addresses.

They can access UMP and CABI both separately via public IPs fine. (I’ve tried it myself)




They do not want to share public IP of CABI server with their end client.

The end client should just be able to access UMP --> CABI --> Summary Dashboards





When we click on CABI Dashboards link, its querying the CABI server with internal Private IP address, which is not working out for external clients,and the query just keeps running.

The UMP has NO knowledge if the request comes from inside or outside the network. it will make a redirect call to the INTERNAL IP address for the CABI Summary dashboard and this is why it does not work from the external.




Is there a way to configure UMP to query CABI on external IP too?

Is this network configuration issue rather than the product capability problem?



Please suggest the best options to make this configuration work.