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Assigned new IP address to server hosting EEM, how do I get WLA AE and the WCC to recognize it?

Question asked by L.LEONG on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by DarrylA

WLA AE and the WCC are on Server A, and the EEM is on Server B.  Both servers were moved and assigned new IP addresses. Now I can't sign into the WCC on Server A because it can't connect to the EEM instance on Server B.  I ran as_safetool and autosys_secure on Server A and (I thought) pointed it to the EEM server but that didn't work.  When I sign into the EEM server (global) I can see the Applications "WorkloadAutomationAE" and "WCC0003" on it -- and it still has the old IP address of Server A (where WLA AE and WCC runs).  The hostnames did not change, btw.