TECH TIP: How to send a RelayState parameter on a SAML federation from Access Gateway?

Discussion created by LuisCossio on Oct 10, 2017
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Sometimes an SP will need to be sent the RelayState parameter in the access URL as a requirement in order to establish the federation.


If you try to put an & sign on a proxy rule may you recieve an error message saying:


Error: Problem occurred in while Saving Proxy Rules TreeThe reference to entity "RelayState" must end with the ';' delimiter




- Write & instead the & sign.




- Save the Proxy Rule.

- Once you save the Proxy Rule the link will show the & sign before the word RelayState 



& denotes the start of an encoded entity. In this case the parser tries to interpret &RelayState as an entity. But entities are always terminated by a ;, thus if the ; is missing you get the error message.






- The RelayState parameter is case-sensitive, so be sure to write it down as well: RelayState

RelayState should point to the target resource at the Service Provider (full URL)

- This URL must be encoded. May use URL Decode and Encode - Online for this task.