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[URGENT] Which are the limitation of Request Events?

Question asked by kkaus on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by tarma06

Here is my use case which I am going to implement - 


1. One request is coming to LAC for a Resource created for a table.

2. That request is passed to the Request Event created by me....

  1. Request event code gets the value from the request header and
  2. hitting the resource by SysUtility.getResource().
  3. 2nd (above) line give the error that 

    "statusCode": 500,
    "errorCode": 5004,
    "errorMessage": "Internal server error: You cannot call SysUtility.getResource because the request has not been authenticated."

Where in this link the request authentication is the first step when a request comes to LAC and then Request Event gets executed. Then why I am getting above error?


am I missing socomething here?