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Can we have pass unique values to different instances for a test step when performing a load test using a data file or property file

Question asked by ebenezar.janga on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by ellma10


  Currently i have few test cases and the scenario that i'm looking for is common across all the tests.

Scenario: I have devtest selenium integrated test case, where a user logs in to the application and adds a file  example name of the file is "file1". 

For the scenario above, when i run the test case as a load test, and number of instances 5, there is a possibility that 1st instance will create file1 and 2nd instance will try to create file with same name as file 1, since it is hard coded in the test step.


Is there a way we can use properties to read from a datafile and make 1st instance write file name as file1 and 2nd instance make filename as file 2.

I want to provided filenames in a file, this is not just specific to just file names, i want to add other data too like project name.


Can you let me know if this can be possible.