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Trouble Xogging in Attribute - Lookup is Invalid

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by Robert Ensinger

I have a simple custom attribute on the Project object that is tied to the Resource Browse lookup (SCH_BROWSE_RESOURCE).


The Resource Browse lookup's hidden key is SRM_RESOURCE.ID.


The Database stores the SRM_RESOURCE.ID value.


When I xog out a project read, it comes out as SRM_RESOURCES.UNIQUE_NAME.


Attempting to xog in Unique_Name/User_Name, the update fails with a "Lookup Value for attribute is invalid"

"Sometimes the XOG write schema is different from XOG read schema. You just have got to live with it." - fair enough.

Unfortunately I can't get ID to take either.


I've tried about every value from SRM_RESOURCES & CMN_SEC_USERS I can find - I can't seem to get anything to take. It's late and my head hurts - what am I doing wrong?