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Dynamic HTTP Route Assertion in Same Service

Question asked by siddharth-b on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by Stephen_Hughes

Hi guys I am working on API Gateway 9.1

I have some queries regarding dynamic http route calls within same service..


I am making an HTTP call and getting JSON as response. I then use Evaluate JSON Path Expression Assertion & extract required zoo field.

Call 1 -

Call 1 Response -





For example lets say the extracted json pre-fix variable is extractedZOO


Call 2 -${extractedZOO.result}

In one scenario I make a call 2 as above & I get the response


Till now everything works fine.


Now...In some cases the Call 1 Response will be like this(multiple ZOO fields) 2 or more than 2,






In this case I can use * (star)  in Evaluate JSON Path Expression Assertion to extract both values.

So now I need to make two HTTP Route for Call 2.


Can we dynamically make HTTP route assertions within a service, based on the Call 1 Response?

Ex: If I get 7 zoo fields in Call 1 Response, the service should make 7 Http Route Calls appending the extracted values in each call.


Can this be achieved?