CA Live API Creator v4.0 now available!

Discussion created by oakbi01 Employee on Oct 12, 2017

CA Live API Creator v4.0 is now available!  This is an exciting update to our low-code solution to create APIs and microservices, with quite a few new features.  Some of the bigger inclusions are:

  • MQTT and Kafka messaging, allowing you to create listeners that subscribe to messages, as well as publish MQTT or Kafka messages from an event rule in your API
  • Support for more data sources, including Teradata
  • Startup and Shutdown listeners, allowing you to invoke  Javascript code when you start or stop API Server
  • Timers, providing the ability to schedule routine procedures or time-based events


There are MANY other enhancements to enhance the user experience, including API samples as well as code examples, Data Explorer enhancements, and self-guided learning with the Learning Center.


For more information, I invite you to browse the CA Live API Creator product page - and to get started with your free trial, simply click here!