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How do I rank by program?

Question asked by FatMarmot on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by FatMarmot

We've 2 types of dev teams: pool and dedicated. Right now the Ranking field in Rally (SaaS) is being used by the pool to allocate resources. I'm part of the program that has dedicated resources. My problem here is that I've been told it's impossible to create/use a field for our own ranking purposes except for the Master Ranking field. 


So, if I want to rank anything within my program I need to put in a value of 50001, 50002 to establish priority.


 The internal Rally Admin says it isn't possible, and it very well may not be, bu this seems like such basic functionality it's almost hilarious if it doesn't exist.


Am I crazy? Am I part of the only company in the world that has 2 types of dev teams?