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Getting System error while trying to configure Filter layout for Object based Portlet

Question asked by Winchester on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by varun.chopra.2

While trying to configure Filter layout for Issue Object based Portlet. We are getting a system error. It is a User Portlet.

Couldn't find anything relevant on the app log, apart from the below error:


WARN  2017-10-12 01:38:16,871 [http-nio-80-exec-12] caching.SecurityObjectCache (clarity:GahlanP1:225244000__1BEA6A85-79C5-411F-9B13-DC0148BB5C7E:odata.GetNavigatorMenuBean)  Invalid security object key: BURDENING_MATRIXRECORDPAC

ERROR 2017-10-12 02:10:43,854 [http-nio-80-exec-3] view.ViewL10nSAXHandler (clarity:GahlanP1:225244000__1BEA6A85-79C5-411F-9B13-DC0148BB5C7E:odf.filterStateChange) Could not locate vxsl file '' in component odf

Below is the screenshot for the same:


Does anyone has any idea, how to resolve this issue?