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Tying a simple clear string to an alert string using logmon probe v3.90/UIM v8.5.1

Question asked by jjufer13 on Oct 13, 2017
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How to setup a basic alert and clear with logmon probe v3.90 using UIM v8.5.1.


I was hoping to get step by step procedures for tying a clear string to an alert string using logmon (logwatcher) probe.



Log file to watch:      /tmp/myFile.log

Alert string:              "Error in console"

Clear string:             "No Error in console"


Nothing more to it, very basic.


I think I need to be working with the variables section to make a clear but from the articles I have found they don't explain what I'm trying to do very clear, or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong docs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!