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SDM 14.1, Manual Notify -"Email id does not exist for the user(s)" for one contact record

Question asked by tzadell on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Paul_Coccimiglio

Hi everyone... We have one contact record that is giving this error when trying to send a manual notify email from a ticket.  The contact record does have a valid email address in the 'email address' field. 


I have changed that email address to my own and tested, and am getting the same error.  I am getting this error only on this one contact record, but am getting the error in both our test and production systems.  I have re-created a new contact record from scratch, tested, and am still getting the same error.  If I select his contact record in the 'contacts' field of the manual notify screen, I also get the same error.  But if I put his email address in the 'Email address' field of the manual notify screen, it sends the email successfully.  If I change the customer to another person's contact record and try sending a manual notify to that customer, it works just fine.


Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this, or how to fix it?