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Variables resolution in block's fields

Question asked by gaecar on Oct 14, 2017
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Hi all,

I want to ask if someone may help me. I have the following need.

I’ll soon come to the problem but first of all a preamble.


I use CA-ARD v. and in a flow I define variables and their values entering the block’s Properties pane, navigating to the Process tab, selecting  the entry from the left column called Test Data and clicking Add variable/value pair. Making so I create a fresh line with a value pair to fill out. The left field has a drop-down menu of selectable items (new or existing variables) while the right field is for entering data as a constant value or a Data Painter expression.

I can also use the Find and Make CA-ARD ability to find data which is interesting for me (data attributes that match my visual flow) or if I cannot find them I can even make the data. This is possible because in my company I use Test Data Manager (TDM) with the Datamaker’s toolset and therefore I can set up Make or Find Data and then execute by block’s Find and Make data properties.


Here it is my need.


Subsequently when I generate and store the flow paths using path explorer with test case optimizer,  the defined variables rightly feed the Test Data and I can see it clicking the right button to open Test Data dialog.


In my company  I use HP-ALM as test management system (TMS); so after having generated paths I export them to HP-ALM as manual test cases in a HP-ALM test plan tree folder associating visual flow blocks to test case steps.


Because the actual CA-ARD/HP-ALM integration is not able to export to an HP-ALM test case test configuration the CA-ARD corresponding path row of Test Data table, is useless to reference into the blocks fields (for example the description or the expected result which I use to feed respectively the step action and expected results of the test case step corresponding to the visual flow block) the so-called HP-ALM parameters using the HP formalism <<<name of parameter>>> . In fact, in such a case I feed the HP parameter table of the test case but without an appropriate test configuration I can’t assign a value to parameters.


So, trying to bypass the problem, I directly refer variables (defined by block tab Test Data in some block fields as for example description or expected result) using  the formalism ~variable name ~; but when I generate paths and export them as test cases to HP-ALM I find no variable substitution, as indeed I hoped, with the value assumed by the variable along the path.


Therefore I ask to everyone is able to answer: Is indeed the described behavior  the product expected behavior or there is some mistake I did in the way I referred variables? (maybe I had to use the notation ^variable name^).


 If the observed behavior is right I think It would be an important product enhancement to implement variables substitution during “path generation and storing” to better a lot the interface between CA-ARD and HP-ALM making happy all TMS users.


Thanks a lot and in advance.