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Unable to execute an executable from SSH step

Question asked by ahmmo05 Employee on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by tsuyu04

I have added SSH utils jar to hotDeploy folder, restarted service.

Added a ssh step, provided following details in the step:

UserName,password,host,port and Test connection was successful(refer attachment)


I have placed "initiatefnciscan" sh file at /root/codeinsight/ 


Provided SSH command as


./initiatefnciscan --apiendpoint <Endpoint> --authorizationkey <Key> --yamllocation /root/codeinsight/ --checkoutdirectory /root/codeinsight --username <name> --password <password> --action upload

On clicking Test SSH command it throws following error:

bash: ./initiatefnciscan: No such file or directory



NOTE: the initiatefnciscan file exists in the location specified /root/codeinsight/