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Question asked by Venkat111 on Oct 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Valdo

Whenever we are restarting our app servers as a weekly recycle process, some of the servers are not coming up correctly. They are throwing the errors " ERROR [ims.tmt.submit.validation.blth] IMSException in BLTH handleTask:Error building data for matching events" and "ERROR [ims.tmt.IMSMessageListener] Exception Occured during event processing. EventExecuteStateException: Failed to execute ModifyUserEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: PxSystemException:Error building data for matching events"


Whenever we see these errors we are restarting the server once again. This is causing lot of productivity loss and because of this errors the approval tasks are failing.

Can you please help us understand:

1. Why are we getting these errors?

2. I have checked the DB tables for PX_WHEN and PX_POLICY tables and found that there is no missing reference as stated in… 


Please suggest.


CA Version: 12.6 SP4

App Server : Websphere version 8