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Processing more than 200,000 records in VSM of MQ service

Question asked by dinho1705 on Oct 17, 2017
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Hi ,


I am working on a project which requires a service to search a SystemID of a employee from a List of 200,000 IDs on the basis of employee number in the requst:

Request: employee Number

Response: employee Number, SystemID


Service is provided with the records of 200,000 employees and service has to look for EmpNumber from request and search this EmpNumber in the record and reply with corresponding SystemID.


What I am trying :

1- Store the record in Excel rows

2- Read the EmpNumber from request and call subprocess

3- Sub-process Iterate the dataset Excel records(mode: Local) one row at a time till match found.

4- Return the SystemID to vsi for Publish.



Above is working fine with few 100 records, but it getting very much slower in responding when records are above/around 1000.


Please suggest some workaround or other method to reduce this time. The slowness is much beyond the SLA.




Dinesh Kumar