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Restarting an APM Cluster

Question asked by bwcole on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Lynn_Williams

So with our move from SLES to RHEL, found that the server init script behave differently.  We don't have a way to correlate server start/stops and did depend on sleeps.


5:00   MOM - stop and stop called

      Sleep timer for 30 minutes  start; start

5:05    Collectors - stop

      Sleep timer for 15 minutes start


      Postgres Stopped - pg_ctrl stop

      Postgres Start - pg_ctrl start


So at 5:30, assuming that the database and collectors have had 10 minutes each to start, the MOM processes start.


Now with RHEL, the sleeps in the server init sequence will actually delay the server init.


The question is, does anyone have a script, application or other that will do an APM cluster restart in a controlled manner?