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How to handle VSESizeExceededException

Question asked by pannedl1 on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by norre01

Hello everyone,


We are using JAVA virtual services and when we try to get response for one of the JAVA call, getting below error.

Connected to the VSE server from my local with LISA Agent using Oracle Weblogic server.


[DevTest AGENT:A][ERROR][6836][45][BETAMNGR:1:99147][10/18 11:59:38 (469)] Can't xml serialize argument 0 for VSEFrame com.tmobile.watson.ensemble.xxxxx.******
com.itko.lisa.remote.vse.VSESizeExceededException: com.tmobile.watson.core.Customer
at com.itko.lisa.remote.utils.XStreamFactory$1$

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Writer capacity as set by lisa.agent.transaction.max.graph.size or lisa.agent.virtualize.max.graph.size (100000) exceeded
at com.itko.lisa.remote.utils.BoundedStringWriter.checkLength(


I have the following properties in rules.xml but still no use.


<property comment="Maximum size in bytes of a serialized to XML object graph" key="lisa.agent.transaction.max.graph.size" value="850000"/>
<property comment="Maximum size in bytes of a serialized to XML object graph" key="lisa.agent.virtualize.max.graph.size" value="950000"/>


startWebLogic.cmd Java Options - using to connecting to the agent and server.

-javaagent:"C:\CA LISA\DevTest\agent\LisaAgent2.jar"=url=ssl://,name=******


Rules.xml path - C:\CA LISA\DevTest


How to resolve this error? Please help.