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Ca uim dashboard designer

Question asked by jmdullerud on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by jmdullerud

Hi All.

I am trying to create a dashboard the contains a couple of lists with interfaces from different groups, these groups contains interfaces. The columns will be for all the groups: interface if alias, and for the different lists errors, utilization etc etc. This way it will be easy to locate "troublesome" interfaces :-) Some kind of topN on the different counters.

Have created a group with all the interfaces with certain words in the interface description and certain speeds to create groups of all the interfaces based on their "use" or function,


So in the Dashboard Designer:

When i drag the list into the dashboard the first column is a "device" column named "system".

I dont know how to change this to be able to contain groups other than device groups.

Neither am I able to see other groups in the group selector than device groups, my group that consist of interfaces is hidden.


Any thoughts on how to solve this?


Best Regards

Jon Magnus Dullerud