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How can I connect to real-time Rally data - SQL/SSMS?

Question asked by clide on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Michael Bulkeley

I have an incredibly powerful reporting dashboard for analyzing the Task and Work Product and Portfolio Item data that my organization creates using Rally. I built this with the Tableau reporting tool. The only shortcoming is that the data source is an Excel spreadsheet. I have to use a Rally "Custom List (formerly Custom Grid)" page for each object  - User Story, Defect, Task, Projects, etc... - to export the data to Excel, and then I connect to the Excel workbook with Tableau to build my dashboard. Hence, every time I want to refresh my reportable data, I have to go through the manual process of Exporting from Rally to multiple Excel files, then compile those excel files into one Excel workbook as the data source for Tableau. I takes a good hour or so.


What options are there for establishing a live or near-real-time connection to the data for my organization in Rally?