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GPF occurrence when the Tab key is pressed (Plex r7.2.1 Build 24.001)

Question asked by niconico on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by AndyHebert



If we press the Tab key and move the input field and grid on the C++ function panel created by Plex, GPF occurs and Exe stops working.


Even a simple panel with some input items and grid occur the problem. We use Plex r 7.2.1 Build 24.001.
This problem did not occur before PTF BUILD 24.001 was used.

Some machines do not occur the problem even if using the same object and the Plex runtimes.
The difference between a problematic machine and a machine with no problems are whether Visual Studio 2013 is installed or not.

We are thinking that GPF has occurred because the referenced Visual Studio runtime version is different, but we do not know which file is affecting.

Which file is affecting? How can we find out which files are affecting it?

Incidentally, GPF also occurred when we copied MFC120.DLL of the machine where the problem does not occur and placed it in the execution environment(folder with Exe file) of the machine where problems occurred.