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Unable to approve/return timesheet on 15.3 new UI

Question asked by RajatAr on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by RajatAr

I am getting the below error on New UI 15.3 when i am trying to approve/return a timesheet. But it is working fine when i do the same from Classic UI action items.


     at ERROR 2017-10-22 05:59:18,008 [http-nio-8098-exec-2833] rest.validation (clarity:mrabcd:5120338__5BDF9C7E-CB4C-4EC0-BCDD-F3E0455E5A5D:PPM_REST_API) ODFResourceProvider :: Could not update resource. Object code alias: [ requestUrl: http://xx.xx.***.xx:yyyy/ppm/rest/v1/timesheets/5000002 , _restResourceName : timesheets , _id : 5000002 , _parentInfo : null , _apiVersion : v1 , _includeLinksArray : true] ERROR 2017-10-22 05:59:18,008 [http-nio-8098-exec-2833] rest.validation (clarity:mrabcd:5120338__5BDF9C7E-CB4C-4EC0-BCDD-F3E0455E5A5D:PPM_REST_API) ExceptionInfo ::  Could not update resource. Resource name: timesheets. Error code: validation.lockedAttribute Error message: CMN-0015: Attribute 'prstatus' was locked and cannot be changed.

any pointers will be helpful.