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Default XML response being logged after Raise Error

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Nathan Blumenthal

I have a policy as below where i check for a condition and raise error if condition is not matched. The policy is as below.

- At least one
   - All assertions must evaluate to true
            -compare ${request.http.parameter} is not empty
            -Return Template Response as "Succesfully procesed" (Send Immediatly Checked)

   - All assertions must evaluate to true
            - Return Template Response as "Failed as input is empty" (Send Immediatly Checked)
            - Raise Error

When I don't pass the input I am getting the error response "Failed as input is empty" in SOAP UI. But when i see in the audit viewer response tab i see an XML response. Why this XML is getting generated and logged instead of actual response that we sent to consumer?



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