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Extracting data from "notes" field

Question asked by JeroenDG on Oct 23, 2017
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A customer has asked to extract the content of the "Notes" field from devices in spectrum. 

I have followed this document: Configure User-Defined Device Attribute Polling - CA Spectrum - 10.1 to 10.1.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 



And came up with this: 

<devicemodel-polling xmlns=""
<user-defined-poll modelType="GnSNMPDev">
<poll-attribute attrId="0x118b8">
<varchar-storage id="1"/>
<reports label="Company Name Cisco"/>
<poll-attribute attrId="0x11564">
<varchar-storage id="4"/>
<reports label="Notes"/>
<poll-attribute attrId="0x118bc">
<varchar-storage id="2"/>
<reports label="Description"/>
<poll-attribute attrId="0x114e2">
<int-storage id="4"/>
<reports label="DisposablePrecedence"/>
<poll-attribute attrId="0x11554">
<varchar-storage id="3"/>
<reports label="Create_IF_Port"/>
<poll-attribute attrId="0x11b41">
<datetime-storage id="1" />
<reports label="CreateTimeNow" />




This is were I added:

<poll-attribute attrId="0x11564">
<varchar-storage id="4"/>
<reports label="Notes"/>


The file is stored in \spectrum\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\web-inf\repmgr\config\devicemodel-polling.xml


Now, were can I find the output of this? I am using a mysql query browser. 


In the end, I need this data to create a report in JasperSoft. 


I must admit that I am new to the CA technologies so please excuse me if there is an obvious answer to this question.