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resetFields not working after form Copy

Question asked by stephen.thurman on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by stephen.thurman

I have several form fields, in a hidden fieldset section, that I need to reset (to blank) after a form has finished fulfillment,  gone all the way to SDM, and then that form is copied. For some reason, some work and some do not.

Here is an example of my code -


if (_.request.status == 100) { // STATUS FOR NOT SUBMITTED - COPIED FORM
          ca_fdResetFields(ca_fd.formId, ['dateOne','dateTwo']); //WORKS

          ca_fdUnselectAllOptions(ca_fd.formId,'selectOne'); //WORKS

          ca_fdResetFields(ca_fd.formId, ['textFieldOne']); //DOES NOT WORK
          ca_fdSetTextFieldValue(ca_fd.formId, 'textFieldOne', ''); //DOES NOT WORK



Any thoughts?