Oracle probe OCI failed to OracleExadata

Discussion created by Earamendi on Oct 24, 2017
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Hi there,


I would like to monitor a couple of Oracle Exadata servers we have.


I found out with the oracle probe, but when I try to make the connection profile I get the following error 


"Connection test to xxxx failed with: Create OCI environment failed with rc = -1"


I can connect from the server where IM is installed to the Oracle server through SQLPlus with no problem.

Also, i've followed this link oracle probe connection errors: Create OCI environment failed with rc = -1 or OCIEnvCreate failed with rc = -1  instructions about system arch, versions, and controller environment settings.


Do you have any tips how to advanced from this error?

Is it possible with the Oracle probe to monitor OracleExadata servers?


thanks in advance