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Installing Browser Agent (APM 10.5) with AXA (DXI SaaS)

Question asked by guillermo.salgado on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Lynn_Williams

Hello to All.

I'm implementing an APM 10.5 with AXA (DXI SaaS), to capture the User Experience.

In this step, I only want to insert the snippet directly using the Application Server (WebSphere) agent and capture the experiences to show it on AXA/DXI portal.

At this moment, I configure the IntroscopeAgent.profile (activating browser agent) and the default.basnipppet with de AXA/DXI Web application definition.

I restart the application server, use the customer application and checking the AXA portal, I’m note there is not any experience captured.

Reviewing the 10.5 documentation, I note the configuration has some changes from the 10.3, but I found it confused with less real examples (my personal opinion).

Has anyone did this configuration and share their experience with de configuration files?