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Data Warehouse - Project Management Domain and Calendar Periods

Question asked by Deepak.Bhadri.1 on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Deepak.Bhadri.1

Dear Community Members


We've just started using the Ad Hoc View functionality in Advanced Reporting, running against the Data Warehouse. The Project Management Domain has a set of fields called "Calendar Periods" with Month, Quarter and Year values, along with their relative start and finish dates.


If I just bring in those calendar fields on a Table for example, it returns the data correctly.


However, if I try and use it with something like the Project Finish Date, eg if I want to plot project finish dates on a simple timeline, then no data is returned.  It feels as though the Calendar Periods haven't associated to any Project data (so I get the same with Tasks, Risk, Issues etc).


Am I missing something in the configuration or in what I am expecting from those Calendar Period fields?

We're on a SaaS instance, on version 15.2


Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated.