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Database Installaiton log Level

Question asked by junaidwily Champion on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by Lynn_Williams

I am trying to install oracle database schema for cluster. I am getting following error and when I login to database using SQL developer I am not able see any objects, index, tables etc.



in schematools.log


ripts/apm-defaults-oracle- - delimiter being used: ;
10/25/17 11:55:34.445 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [com.wily.apm.dbutil.SqlExecutor] Successfully Executed sql file apm-defaults-oracle-
10/25/17 11:55:34.460 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [CreateSchema] - Schema creation complete
10/25/17 11:55:35.141 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - DBDetails:  hostName: prdexascan.corp.absc.local port: 1521 databaseName: PMON_WAS user: apm_sap_pm1

10/25/17 11:55:35.143 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - DBType: oracle
10/25/17 11:55:35.144 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Desired Version:
10/25/17 11:55:35.144 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Scripts location: /opt/CA/APM/install/oracle/database-scripts
10/25/17 11:55:35.144 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Postgres installation directory: null
10/25/17 11:55:35.890 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Current release is:
10/25/17 11:55:35.890 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Current version is already at desired version
10/25/17 11:55:35.905 AM EDT [INFO] [main] [root] [UpgradeSchema] - Schema creation complete


But in following file I am getting error and still nothing un SQL Developer




CreateTables Failed
                          Status: ERROR
                          Additional Notes: ERROR - Check /opt/CA/APM/install/schematools.log


any idea how to fix it or how I can increase log level to get more detail logs