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How to use the SQL APM Server without enabling the Team Center

Question asked by LutzM Champion on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by musma03

Hello all folks,

in general we disabled the Team Center in the large environments for performance purpose in the past. Now, I try to use the SQL APM Server to get access to the SmartStore data, but the logon doesn't work, the APM SQL Server use a Team Center API to create temporary token (I think, see collected debug data fro the APM SQL Server below).


Any idea how to enable the security/token API without enabling the whole Team Center (I can't get access to a database).


Thanks for any suggestion,

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I got the following debug data.

10/25/17 02:53:52.312 PM CEST [TRACE] [NIO1] [APMSQLServer] endpoint url :http://em1.intern:8081/apm/appmap/private/token/temporaryToken
10/25/17 02:53:52.757 PM CEST [TRACE] [NIO1] [APMSQLServer] endpoint url :http://em1.intern:8081/apm/appmap/private/apmData/schema
10/25/17 02:53:52.768 PM CEST [INFO] [NIO1] [APMSqlSecurityHelper] Invalid username/token :admin, Http Response :404,Not Found