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Survey Statistics Table (number of surveys sent)

Question asked by diogo.nobrega on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Jon_Israel

Hi guys,


I was needing to build a report containing the number of surveys sent to customers and what percentage of them was successfully answered. I found the Survey_Stats table, having these fields:


FieldData TypeReferenceRemarks
cyc_counterINTEGER Identifies the cycle counter to be compared against the cycle (described in the next field).
cycleINTEGER Identifies the submission cycle.
delINTEGERActive_Boolean_Table::enumSpecifies the status of the Deleted flag, as follows:0 -- Active1 -- Inactive/marked deleted)
idINTEGER Primary key of this table.
persidnvarchar(30) Specifies the Persistent ID: (SystemObjectName:id).
sub_counterINTEGER Identifies the number of times notification submission was approved.
tplidINTEGERSurvey_Template::idIdentifies the unique (to the table) numeric ID.

I've identified two fields above (cyc_counter, sub_counter) that could be useful for me. In a chat with an CA analyst, he did some tests and verified these fields indeed register the number of survey that was sent to customers.


My question is: what's the difference between cyc_counter and sub_counter fields? What means a notification to be "approved"? Note: in all environments I checked, the two fields contained the same number for each SDM.