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CA Directory audit log details

Question asked by Pack on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Pack

Hello there,

I want to log all the changes that is happening in CA Directory in a log file.. How to configure? In Sun LDAP the audit log shows the changes of data as below...


time: 20171025104222
dn: uid=eempln1,ou=Users,
changetype: modify
replace: userPassword
userPassword: {SSHA256}LO3QuEoOvRGMw9JL3VRwcELYMylFsEgzOMVhnVPf2M0xJUVl
replace: modifiersname
modifiersname: cn=Directory Manager
replace: modifytimestamp
modifytimestamp: 20171025144222Z


I want to see same kind of information in CA Directory log.


I see update.log in CA Directory but does not have the value of the attributes.


[5] 20171025.114353.845 "cn=AppAdminUser," ADD "uid=RepTest,ou=Users," givenName,cosineMobileTelephoneNumber,userPassword,cosineUserid,objectClass,commonName,surname