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SiteMinder Admin UI Installation - R 12.52 SP01 CR04

Question asked by GopiReddyIrala on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by rahjo01.1

Hello Everyone,


Could you please help me with the installation process for SM Admin UI. It looks pretty straightforward from the SM  docs but I am facing issues with the install.


I am trying to install in Linux environment.


Below is what I have done : 


1. Unzippied the SM Admin Prerequisite & the actual installer in the same location

2. is also in the same location

3. Run the prerequisite installer without any issues 

          - T&C Accepted

          - Install path is provided (for ex, /opt/ca/adminui)

          - Hostname and port details provided.


4. Actual Installation: I have run the actual installer 

         - It has prompted for installation path again and I have given the same path what I have given while installing the             prerequisite i.e, /opt/ca/adminui   - LET ME KNOW IF WE NEED TO PROVIDE ANYTHING ELSE HERE


         - It prompted me to select the application server from the list of servers i.e, jboss, weblogic etc. I am not sure why             it is even prompting me this option. Prerequisite installer will actually install the jboss server and it should take             that server by default right ? 


         - It prompted for JBOSS server path. I am not sure what is the exact path I should provide here


         - It prompted for JDK path as well? I was under the impression that it will also be installer as part of the          prerequisite installer and I am not sure why is it prompting here again.


         - I am sure something isn't correct here as I have never seen these many prompts when I have installed in             windows machine some time ago.


Please let me know your thoughts. Appreciated !