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.NET agent use of the -DagentManager argument

Question asked by bwcole on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Hiko_Davis

Howdy Community,


So we are installing and this time around we are installing more and more MS .NET agents.  During the installation of the agent using the exe, a service wrapper is created using the answers from the installer prompts.  There seems to be no way to inject custom agent parameters into the mix, like a custom IntroscopeAgent.profile or inject the -DagentManager.


So, I have to instruct the system admins either how to edit the IntroscopeAgent.profile and restart the service, or provide then an environment specific IntroscopeAgent.profile.  It would be much better if I could customize the IntroscopeAgent.profile to use the -DagentManager= JVM argument and comment out the agentManager from the config than have to instruct the system admins how to do stuff.


Is there any way that we can inject JVM parameters or a custom IntroscopeAgent.profile into the installer to be included in the service wrapper?


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