Instructions for Setting up Attachment repository with Advanced Availability and Load Balancer

Discussion created by Bscuit on Oct 28, 2017
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I could not find any documentation on how to make attachments "advanced available" same as the app servers, so I went ahead and set it up myself and thought I would share how I got it to work. We used F5 Load Balancer, and below is the setup I did in Service Desk Manager.



Background Server name: BKG

Standby Server Name: SBY1

Application Server Name: APP1

Application Server Name: APP2

Application Server Name: APP3


F5 Load Balancer Name:


DFS Server to host the files for attachments on a UNC path available to the App servers.




Login to Background Server Web GUI for CA Service Desk Manager
   Administration Tab -> System -> Servers

   Create New

   Host Name:

   Server Type: Application Server

   Attachment Servlet Path:



In our instance we actually used  and redirected the traffic from external / internal to the correct place ie port 8080 etc. on the F5 side


Continued Instructions..

Administration Tab -> Attachments Library -> Repositories
   Edit Repository that will use the UNC Path / AA Availability server configuration ie. Service Desk / Images etc..
   Upload Path:\\dfsname\$sharepath

   Click on UNC Credentials

   Create New:

   Symbol: Provide a friendly name here

   Userid: domain\username

   Password: Domain Password goes here

   Click Save

   Background Services: Daemon Only

This is where the important part is:

   Servlet Server:

   Click Save - repeat for all Attachment Repositories needed

The above are the important items - the rest can be configured as needed


This allows the attachments to be available in the same manner as the application servers. We also setup cookie stickiness across the servers so that it goes to the same server for attachments / exports / CA SDM GUI. 


Happy AA :-)