UIM azure migration from on premise

Discussion created by Shahbaz_Khan. on Oct 29, 2017
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Dear All ,


Currently We are using UIM 8.51 in our ON PREM datacentre . in few days we will be migrating all our servers to Azure Environment. For that We will first migrate our UIM tool Architecture to the Azure. for that we have few approaches :

1) install a primary NMS in azure vm and monitor all the vm in azure from that NMS , and ON PREM NMS can send the data to AZURE NMS via queues till all the servers get migrated.

2)Install the NMS in Azure and monitor all the VM in Azure by installing robot in it and let the ON PREM NMS run as it is.

Please suggest best possible architecture for the scenario as eventually all the SERVERS from ON PREM env will migrate to AZURE cloud.


Any new architecture plan/strategy is welcome.



Shahbaz khan