How to show TIM collector service on CDVs

Discussion created by zee487 on Oct 30, 2017
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Hi, I am trying to figure out on showing the TIM collector service over multiple CDVs adding some kind of a ACL over the TIM data before making it visible in the CDVs


I have the following setup:

5 collectors

2 CDVs 

     CDV#1 --> 4 collectors

     CDV#2 --> 1 collector


1 Database server


Assume I have 2 applications APP#1 for CDV#1 and APP#2 for CDV#2. APP#1 posts the Business Segment data in the related agents; that is not working for APP#2, so there is a separate agent and CEM data stream for APP#2.


The situation is that I now have the TIM collector service running on a collector connected to CDV#1 with the result that CDV#2 is not able to see the TIM collector stats as this is currently needed as the CEM needs provides data to this environment. 


I have been suggested to put the TIM collector service to the CDV#2; which I am considering as plan B. , because if I need to restart the collector, the agents will be disconnected. And it will not resolve anything if there are applications with the same issue to be connected to CDV#1.


I also had the suggestion to move the business applications agents over the CDV related collectors. That sounded okay,

but does not seem to be a product feature.


My plan for now is to bring in a new TIM collector server which will be visible to all CDVs and to put somehow an ACL on top of it to exclude a part of the view to the collectors. I had a peak on domaining with virtual agents (per CDV), but I am not so sure if that will bring more hurdles.


Any alternative ideas of which I did not think?


Thanks for the feedback....