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Report to show Team member Planned vs Achieved

Question asked by ramta03 Employee on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by ramta03

In the matrix organization , it very important for functional manager to understand how much capacity his/her reportees planned in a sprint and release ( how much a team member committed) and how much they achieved at the end of the sprint / release . This helps us find if the team members have any blockers to achieve their 100 % commitment.


Anyone aware of how we can get a report of Team member commitment vs. Team member achieved in a give sprint or in a given release in terms of percentage/no.of hours.


I tried to use Team status and trying to pull the information manually. It's a tedious task if the scrum team is big and need to put the report for all the sprints.

I used the reports option and wrote custom reports for Task Plan Estimate vs Task Actual by team members. In some cases the the actuals are nor correct as the team members don't fill the actuals while they close the tasks. 


Is there a better way to get the report from CAAC?


Thanks in Advance for all your help